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Working Group on PMSCs in Maritime Security

The Working Group on the use of private military and security companies in maritime security is currently being established. From 2017-2019, the Working Group will be chaired by Portugal.

Working Group on the ICoCA

Current Chair: United States of America (USA)

The mandate of the ICoCA Working Group is to provide advice to the International Code of Conduct Association on national and international policy and regulatory matters (Art. 12 of the Working Practices of the MDF). Against this background, the ICoCA Working Group may wish to discuss what information and guidance it could give to the ICoCA with regard to specific legal obligations and good practices contained in the Montreux Document and how they are interpreted and implemented by Montreux Document participants. 

  • Sixth meeting (6 July 2017): Participants recalled the proposal for the Working Group's interaction with the ICoCA (the guidelines) and discussed timing of meetings, potential for experts' participation in meetings, and the operational context of PMSCs under the Montreux Document. States and international organisations participating in the meeting  also heard a presentation on updates regarding the ICoCA from the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Download the Chair's Summary here


Past Chairmanships:

2015-2016 Sweden: 

  • First meeting (16 December 2014): held in conjunction with the MDF Constitutional Meeting. For details of the proceedings, download the Chair’s Summary of the first meeting.

  • Second meeting (2 June 2015): Participants of the meeting discussed and finalised the Chair’s written proposal for the Working Group’s interaction with the ICoCA (the guidelines). For further dialogue among participants, one delegation proposed additional discussion questions for circulation amongst the Working Group. The Chair of the Working Group on the ICoCA welcomes further feedback from Montreux Document participants on these questions. Contact the Secretariat. More details of the meeting can be found in the Chair’s summary of the second meeting.

  • Third meeting (28 January 2016): States and international organisations participating in the meeting received a presentation from the Executive Director of the ICoCA regarding updates on current activities within the Association, in particular on its work for the elaboration of certification, monitoring, reporting and complaints procedures. Participants also shared their experiences on the status of national regulatory procedures and processes for the regulation of private military and security companies.During this meeting, there was also discussion among attending representatives that the Working Group could, if it so wished, engage in further dialogue with the Association between Working Group meetings. On this basis, questions regarding the current activities in the Association could be posed more regularly by Montreux Document participants. It was proposed that participants who wish to put forward written questions to the Association on these issues should send those questions to the Chair of the Working Group. Download the Chairs’ Summary for more information.

  • Fourth meeting (17 June 2016): Montreux Document Participants received updates related to the ICoCA. The discussion focused on Articles 12 (Reporting, monitoring and assessing performance and compliance) and Article 13 (Receiving and Processing Complaints) of the ICoCA Articles of Association. Additionally, a representative of the Transport Agency of Sweden was invited to share information on the Swedish legislation regarding the authorisation of the use of armed security personnel on board Swedish-flagged ships.Download the Chair's Summary for an overview of the presentation. 

  • Fifth meeting (7 September 2016): During the meeting, the Chair recalled the previous disucssion of 17 June 2016 whereby the Working Group disucssed that in accordance with paragraph 12 of the Working Practices of the MDF, the ICoCA Working Group could provide advice and feedback on the Draft Procedures on Articles 12 and 13 of the ICoCA Articles of Association in the event that the procedures interacted with national law or policy. Following a briefing from the Executive Director of the ICoCA, Montreux Document participants has the opportunity to discuss the draft procedures related to 'Reporting, Monitoring, and Assessing Performance and Compliance' and 'Receiving and Processing Complaints.'  Download the Chair's Summary for more information. 

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