Maritime Working Group

The Mandate of the Maritime Working Group is to serve as a forum that looks into the relevance of the Montreux Document to maritime security (According to paragraph 13 of the Working Practices of the Montreux Document Forum as adopted on 16 December 2014). The Working Practices establish that the Working Group may exchange views on the interaction of the MD with relevant international organizations and initiatives on maritime security, as well as discuss ways to assist States in implementing the MD. The Group is currently chaired by Portugal.

The Maritime Working Group does not seek to condone nor condemn the use of PMSCs.  Instead, the Working Group seeks to provide an opportunity for Montreux Document participants and expert in maritime security contexts to discuss good practices for States on how to regulate maritime PMSCs an accountable protection of maritime trade.

Current Focus

Chairmanship: Portugal

6 June 2018 (2nd Meeting)

The second exchange of the Maritime Working Group was attended by 13 Montreux Document Participants as well as the Secretariat and two guest speakers: Anna Petrig, Professor of Law at the University of Basel and Chris Trelawny, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Maritime Security and Facilitation (Sub-Division for Maritime Security and Facilitation, Maritime Safety Division) at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The focus of the meeting was laid on action points for 2018 and 2019.

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30 January 2018 (1st  Meeting)

The first meeting of the Working Group on the use of private military and security companies in maritime security (Maritime Working Group) was held on 30 January 2018. The meeting was an opportunity for Montreux Document participants to discuss the strategic priorities and proposed outputs of Chairmanship. Download the Chair's Summary here.

Other useful Documents:

Background document prepared for the meeting on 30 January 2018

Journal Article: Anna Petrig, Looking at the Montreux Document from a Maritime Perspective, Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal, no. 2, 2016.

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