Plenary Meetings

The Montreux Document Forum consists of a plenary meeting which gathers all Montreux Document participants. Other states, international organisations and other relevant actors may also be invited by the MDF as observers. The plenary may also be convened on an ad-hoc basis and may take place via video or teleconference. The Working Groups will meet on an ad-hoc basis; meetings may also take place via video or teleconference.


2018 Plenary Meeting

The fourth plenary meeting of the Montreux Document Forum (MDF) took place on 6-7 June 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. In the year of the 10th anniversary of the finalization of the Montreux Document, the plenary meeting sought to take stock of the current state of the regulation of private military and security companies (PMSC), discuss recent developments and emerging issues in the PMSC field, and provide a space for an informal exchange among Montreux Document participants on questions relating to the implementation of the Montreux Document.

Agenda for the Fourth Plenary Meeting

Chair's Summary of the Fourth Plenary 


2017 Plenary Meeting

On 27-28 April 2017, States, international organisations and civil society organisations gathered in Geneva to participate in the Third Plenary Meeting of the MDF. The meeting sought to promote dialogue on perspectives, opportunities and challenges related to the regulation of PMSCs. The meeting was chaired by Switzerland (represented by Ambassador Jürg Lindenmann, Deputy Director of the Directorate of International Law at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) and the International Commitee of the Red Cross (represented by Dr. Helen Durham, Director of International Law and Policy). The meeting was divided into 3 sessions: the first and second sessions were open to all States, international organisations and invited representatives from civil society. The third session was only open to Montreux Document participants.

Chairs' Summary

Agenda for the Third Plenary Meeting

Background Document


2016 Plenary Meeting

On 29 January 2016, Montreux Document participants gathered for the second plenary meeting of the MDF, which provided a space for an informal exchange on specific issues pertaining to the implementation and promotion of the Montreux Document. The meeting was attended by 27 states and two international organisations supporting the Montreux Document.

The plenary was divided into three main parts. First, Montreux Document participants received reports on relevant developments since December 2014. These reports focused on the work undertaken by the Working Group on the International Code of Conduct Association and on the Ethiopia Regional Conference on private military and security companies (PMSCs) held in November 2015 in Addis Ababa for African states. Secondly, the plenary was devoted to a thematic discussion on the use of PMSCs in maritime security. Finally, the plenary aimed at allowing a discussion on specific aspects pertaining to the implementation of the Montreux Document and its good practices.

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The Montreux Document Forum was launched on 16 December 2014 during a constitutional meeting attended by more than 50 states and 3 international organisations.