Second International Forum on Security and Law for PMSC, 16-17 December

20 Dec 2019

The ICRC, Switzerland, and the China University of Political Science (CUPL) co-organized the second Forum on Security and Law, Legal Regulations on Security Industry and Industrial Development in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

Around 200 participants from Chinese private military and security companies (PMSCs) and representatives from Myanmar, Laos and Thailand attended the event, focused on the Montreux Document. The main objective was to facilitate and contribute to the adoption by Chinese authorities of a regulatory framework for Chinese PMSC deployed abroad, in particular in situations of armed conflict and other situations of violence. International speakers represented the ICRC, the Swiss Confederation, the International Code of Conduct Association, the Montreux Document Working Group on Maritime Security and the South African regulatory body on PMSC. Among Chinese speakers were a deputy director from MFA Treaty and Law Dept, representatives from the Academia and major company representatives.

Among the topics discussed were an overview of the current use of PMSC in armed conflict, international law relating to private military and security companies’ operations, and responsible business practices in complex environments. Various topics related to legislative developments and key issues on China’s existing security services overseas and security risks and responses for China’s private enterprises operating overseas.