The Forum

By providing a venue for informal consultation among Montreux Document participants, the Montreux Document Forum seeks to support national implementation of the Montreux Document, as well as to bring more states and international organisations to actively support it. The MDF further aims to strengthen dialogue on lessons learned, good practices and challenges related to the regulation of PMSCs. Click here to download the working practices of the Montreux Document Forum. 

The idea to establish a Forum for participants to engage in more regular dialogue on outreach and implementation of the rules and good practices contained in the document emerged during the Montreux +5 Conference, held in December 2013. This event was hosted by Switzerland and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in cooperation with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF), in order to reflect on the fifth anniversary of the finalisation of the Montreux Document. In 2014, Switzerland and the ICRC convened a number of preparatory meetings to discuss the establishment, modalities and functions of the Montreux Document Forum (MDF). In preparation for the meetings, all participants had the opportunity to provide their reflections and consult on the establishment, modalities, and tasks of the MDF.

The Montreux Document Forum was launched on 16 December 2014 during a constitutional meeting attended by more than 50 states and 3 international organisations. The event was divided into two parts; the morning session, open to all interested states and to a number of invited international organisations based in Geneva, served to inform about the Document and to have an exchange on promoting further support for the Document. The afternoon session was open to Montreux Document participants only and served to formally launch and operationalise the MDF. For details of the proceedings, download the Chairs’ Summary of the 2014 Constitutional Meeting of the MDF.

The MDF is currently chaired by Switzerland and the ICRC; who are supported by the Group of Friends of the Chair in the performance of their tasks. During the preparatory meetings, Montreux Document participants agreed to establish two working groups, which are open to participants on a voluntary basis. The Working Group (WG) on the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) is currently chaired by the United States of America. The Working Group on the use of private military and security companies in maritime security is currently chaired by Portugal.

Download the Working Practices of the MDF.


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