• A Mapping Study on Montreux Document Outreach and Implementation (2017)

    This extensive research study seeks to inform Montreux Document participants on the strengths as well as the key remaining challenges in outreach and implementation, and is designed to capture legislative practice by national authorities when it comes to regulation of PMSCs. The study also seeks to identify themes and geographical regions tht could benefit from further research, implementation, capacity building, outreach and knowledge sharing. A Mapping Study on Outreach and Implementation

  • Progress and opportunities: challenges and recommendations for Montreux Document participants

    In preparation of the Montreux+5 Conference, Switzerland commissioned DCAF to carry out a study exploring the level of implementation of Montreux Document good practices across participating states and international organisations. The resulting report drew on a combination of research and information gathered on the occasion of four regional conferences as well as national reports provided by Montreux Document participants on the invitation of Switzerland and the ICRC. The study assesses progress and highlights gaps where the Montreux Document could be more effectively implemented.

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Regional Conferences

To increase support for the Montreux Document and to encourage debates on issues related to the regulation of PMSCs, Switzerland, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF) launched a multi-year programme of conferences, which have been held in: